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Aaron Dix
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Phoenix via Maine in 1994, I have spent most of my life residing here in the Glendale Peoria area. 2003 I packed up and left to Tucson to study history and business at the University of Arizona where I graduated with my bachelors. Thus began my tattoo career in the fall of 2005. I apprenticed under Ken Sprague, whom I am still convinced is a ninja, in Tucson Arizona at Fast Lane Tattoo from 2005 to 2007. After learning how to eat, sleep, and breathe tattoos in Tucson I returned to Glendale. Back home I honed in on traditional American and Japanese tattoos and art. I like to get outside the box as well. Black and grey tattooing, realism, a little T-Town style free hand, fancy script or double line cursive….anything I can get my hands on. If you are looking for super clean line work and a custom piece with all the bells and whistles that's what I do best. I also enjoy spending time with my daughter, painting, and trucker mouthed trash talking with the guys around the shop.
Dennis "Get Shorty" Howard
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I began tattooing in 2003, when a friend talked me into buying a cheap set up. With a lot of willing friends and practice I finally began professionally tattooing in a shop and have been ever since. I’ve noticed over the years that you have to push your limits. Being around other talented artist will drive you to raise the bar and try new things. This industry show's a lot about life and people. I’ve met some very interesting and cool people along the way. And I must say it’s been a long time coming. I like doing Americana, and script. I like to come up with my own script and spend time coming up with new ways to draw the alphabet, I like tattooing necks, it’s the best way to show your work. Along with tattooing I enjoy many other things. For those that know me I’m a clown about things and have foot in mouth disorder. I speak then think. Yeah it’s gotten me in some issues, but it always works out. I love my trucks and the car club scene. I spend a lot of time working on my trucks. For those who are just getting into tattooing stay on the path, it’s a long road. Take all the advice good or bad and use it. If it works for other’s doesn’t mean that’s the only way to do it. Find what works and what works for you.
Joey Lopez
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Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona art has always been a part of my life, and I always knew that I would pursue a career involving art. My first encounter with tattoos came when I was 17, I saw my best friend's brother's half sleeve. This opened my eyes to the world of "Art on Skin." With the encouragement of family and friends I decided to buy a tattoo kit. My friends (victims) were the first to let me practice. It wasn't until I stepped into a professional tattoo shop that I started to take it serious. With the help of fellow tattoo artists I have met along the way, family and friends I continue to see what dedication means and why time put in is so important.
Rick Phillips
I began tattooing in southern California in 1993. I moved here to the Phoenix area 2 years ago with my wife and three children.

After a few brief stints at other local tattoo shops here in the Phoenix area, I was lucky enough to find a home here at Sinful Skin Tattoo in April of 2013. Here I am fortunate enough to work with a great group of talented artists and friends who are dedicated to the traditions of tattooing.

I specialize mostly in "Japanese" style tattooing, I truly enjoy tattooing this style the most. I am also keen on traditional american, neo- traditional, black and grey, script, portraits, and most any other form of tattooing. Come by the shop soon and bring your tattoo ideas, I look forward to meeting you.
Owen Reinhart
I come from a small town in Ohio but have been here in Arizona for nearly 20 years. My interest in tattooing began when I received my first tattoo at the age of 17. My first opportunity to work in a shop didn’t come until around 2011. Ever since I have taken a strong interest in the American Traditional style of tattooing.

I love doing tattoos with bold lines and color, this gives the tattoo a lot of strength. I also enjoy painting tattoo flash just as much as tattooing. In the past few years tattooing and painting have led me me to meet and collaborate with other tattooers that I have looked up to since I first began my career. As stressful as this field of work can be, I could not imagine doing anything else.
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