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Aaron Dix
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Phoenix via Maine in 1994, I have spent most of my life residing here in the Glendale Peoria area. 2003 I packed up and left to Tucson to study history and business at the University of Arizona where I graduated with my bachelors. Thus began my tattoo career in the fall of 2005. I apprenticed under Ken Sprague, whom I am still convinced is a ninja, in Tucson Arizona at Fast Lane Tattoo from 2005 to 2007. After learning how to eat, sleep, and breathe tattoos in Tucson I returned to Glendale. Back home I honed in on traditional American and Japanese tattoos and art. I like to get outside the box as well. Black and grey tattooing, realism, a little T-Town style free hand, fancy script or double line cursive….anything I can get my hands on. If you are looking for super clean line work and a custom piece with all the bells and whistles that's what I do best. I also enjoy spending time with my daughter, painting, and trucker mouthed trash talking with the guys around the shop.
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I am an Arizona native and have always been interested in the creative side of things. As a child who loved skateboarding, I was influenced by the punk rock era and saw lots of people with piercings. As a young man I started to get pierced and the more I got them the more I wanted to do it for a living. In 2001, my good friend Lloyd Parrack of Crawling Squid in Phoenix taught me all the basics I needed to get started. I worked at Crawling Squid until 2006. From 2006-2016 I worked at Lucky Draw in Glendale. In June 2016, I made the move to Sinful Skin and enjoy working with a great group of tattoo artists. I take continuing education in my trade seriously and attended the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) in Las Vegas and plan to attend annually. I love helping my clients choose the best jewelry for their bodies. In my free time I enjoy making custom frames. Stop by any time for a consultation!
Joey Lopez
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Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona art has always been a part of my life, and I always knew that I would pursue a career involving art. My first encounter with tattoos came when I was 17, I saw my best friend's brother's half sleeve. This opened my eyes to the world of "Art on Skin." With the encouragement of family and friends I decided to buy a tattoo kit. My friends (victims) were the first to let me practice. It wasn't until I stepped into a professional tattoo shop that I started to take it serious. With the help of fellow tattoo artists I have met along the way, family and friends I continue to see what dedication means and why time put in is so important.
Owen Reinhart
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I come from a small town in Ohio but have been here in Arizona for nearly 20 years. My interest in tattooing began when I received my first tattoo at the age of 17. My first opportunity to work in a shop didn’t come until around 2011. Ever since I have taken a strong interest in the American Traditional style of tattooing.

I love doing tattoos with bold lines and color, this gives the tattoo a lot of strength. I also enjoy painting tattoo flash just as much as tattooing. In the past few years tattooing and painting have led me me to meet and collaborate with other tattooers that I have looked up to since I first began my career. As stressful as this field of work can be, I could not imagine doing anything else.
Tayler Conley
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Born and raised in the great state of Arizona I began my tattoo apprenticeship shortly after I got my first tattoo. I was 19 and that first tattoo experience had sparked a great interest in the tattooing process. Fascinated, I set the course to learn as much as I could. Within weeks of starting my apprenticeship I had fallen in love with the art and the creative life style. After a two year apprenticeship I was turned loose to make art on peoples skin for a living. I am still in love with the art of tattooing and continue to grow artistically.

In addition, I love to paint and make traditional imagery and other bold designs.
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