Healing Instructions
Remove bandage in the time specified by your artist. (Times may vary due to type of bandage being used).
Wash your tattoo with warm water and regular LIQUID GOLD DIAL SOAP. Be sure to use a good lather, scrub with your fingertips, and rinse the tattoo thoroughly with warm water.

Pat dry your tattoo with a clean paper towel and apply a small amount of PALMERS COCO BUTTER to the tattoo. Massage all of the coco butter COMPLETELY into the tattoo as if you were using any other lotion. BE SURE THERE IS NO EXCESS LEFT BEHIND.

******Healing ointments may vary from artist to artist so be sure to check with your artist to be sure you are using the ointment or lotion he has recommended for you*******

Continue this process for the first three days.

On day 4 your tattoo should start to flake and peel much like a sunburn. During this process be sure to ONLY WASH your tattoo with soap, no coco butter is required. Do not pick at the flaking skin, as it must slough off naturally at its own pace to ensure proper healing. If you do have any scabbing do not pick at the scab, let it run its course.

Once the tattoo has completely flaked and peeled you may resume use of the coco butter until your skin has regenerated to its normal state.
Touch Ups
A touch up is defined as adding detail lost in the healing process of a tattoo, ie a line that might have fallen out or a spot of color that did not stick. Touch ups are not complete reworks of tattoos that have not been properly cared for or that have aged over time. For example if you get a lot of sun and your tattoo fades that is negligence on your behalf and that does not fall under the free touch up category. If you improperly heal a tattoo and or use products that our artists do not recommend this is considered negligence. Please take special care to follow our artists instructions and if you have any questions do not hesitate to call the shop.

Certain areas of the body require touch ups because of the placement of the tattoo not the application. The foot, fingers, hands, and neck are all areas that do not heal very easily. For example, in the case of the foot tattoos generally don't hold as well due to the high rate of exfoliation. In these cases these tattoos may require a small payment for touch up, please consult with your artist in regards to this issue upon getting a tattoo in any of these areas. Touch ups are done Monday through Thursday by appointment only, please consult with your artist in regards to your touch up.

As a general policy we offer the first touch up for free, although some areas as described above will require a small payment. Please consult with your artist.

*****For any additional touch ups thereafter we ask you consult with your artist. It will be at the individual artists discretion as to the pricing of any further touch ups*******
Questions or Concerns?
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the healing process feel free to reach us at 623.376.7465.
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